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Delivering your marketing and business 

management needs 


Engaging with Virtually Jules is a hassle-free and stress-free way to add some real value to your team without the need for permanent staff and the associated costly overheads. I shape my support to best suit your needs. I can take the noise away from your day to day work, giving you the space you need to be creative and focus on taking your business forward in a timely way.

I am your virtual project manager and accountability partner, putting tools and processes in place to make sure your projects stay on track, ensuring your team meets their deadlines and you meet your goals. Use me only when you need me and only pay for the work you need. 

I am a disciplined worker with bags of experience, always able to add some energy, creativity and vitality to your team. Contact me and find out more about how I can help with achieving your business goals without incurring massive costs. 

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