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If you'd like to add a marketing or business management executive to your team on your terms, and without the costly overheads of a full-time employee, I can help. My services include: 

  • Client account management 

  • Project management

  • Social media marketing, content planning and delivery across all social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

  • Competitor analysis and market research

  • New business launches

  • Website copywriting 

  • Customer relationship management 

  • Web, blog and newsletter writing

  • Production of supporting marketing materials such as magazines, flyers etc

  • Awards submissions

  • Accountability partnering

  • Event management 

  • Public Relations 


This is by no means an exhaustive list - and where there are skills required that are out of my remit, I have access to a wide network of professionals who can help fill in the gaps.  If you'd like to inject some real energy and creativity into your projects, please call me to discuss your needs. 


I understand that no two projects are ever the same. I have an hourly rate or can arrange a fixed fee for a project or piece of work, it's up to you. Only use me when you need me! Please do get in touch to discuss your brief and your budget.


If it's a traditional virtual assistant you are looking for,  I know some super VA’s that I could put you in touch with.

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