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I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful clients in a host of varied roles across a variety of sectors including business and professional sports coaching companies, a multitude of banks, solicitors and accountants, event planners and marketing consultants, a nutrition and lifestyle planner, an image consultant and stylist, publishing houses, an award-winning dementia care home, business support networks for women, authors, a photography business, and a host of bars, restaurants and boutique wine merchants to name but a few. Here are a few lovely words they've shared about working with Virtually Jules. 

We have used Virtually Jules as an extension of our in-house team for nearly ten years, dialling up resource where required and as an integral member of our account management team. Jules is a breath of fresh air with her enthusiastic, can-do and responsive attitude. She offers a strong marketing focus, excellent account management skills and an understanding of what is important to SMEs. We'd be lost without her!
Ellie Murphy, Flourish Marketing.

I’ve so enjoyed working with Jules. Her enthusiasm is infectious!  Jules is always full of great ideas to take my business to a new level and even in the short time that we have worked together, I feel Jules has made some invaluable suggestions.
Claire Healy, Raring 2 Go, St Albans & Harpenden.

I started working with Jules when my random and scattergun approach to social media management was failing to hit the mark.  She began by sorting out my social media and organising me (not an easy task as I'm a butterfly brained creative with about 1000 ideas running around my head at any one time!).  Now she is my wing woman, Thelma to my Louise (or maybe the other way around, I always wanted to be Susan Sarandon...), an absolutely essential part of my business and how I manage to consistently turn up and market myself and my brand.  Together we have jazzed up my website, promoted my TEDx talk and worked on my PR presence.  She is a joy to work with and her calm organisational skills help to keep this butterfly on a forward course.

Esther Wane, Author 

Jules is amazingly organised and is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has an incredible eye for detail and an uncanny ability to know what needs doing before I do! Jules has helped me in numerous ways over the years, for example creating beautiful documents and templates, keeping my social media under control, developing systems and most importantly being a trusted sounding board. Jules is exceptional at handling all the behind the scenes work as seamlessly as possible. She takes away all the background noise, allowing me the time and space to be creative and do my job. We also have a lot of fun, a very important part in keeping me sane! 

Gail Morgan, Owner, The Image House 

VirtuallyJules has looked after our social media, client communications and updating the content of our website for the last two years - I am truly delighted with the results - our online presence continues to grow as Jules, expertly and creatively manages our posts. I would wholeheartedly recommend Virtually Jules for any business looking to build their social media. 
Gillian Wilson, Owner, Thatches South Devon and McFarland Homes 

My motivation levels were at an all-time low, then Jules came in and brought some much needed high octane energy and zest & we were back on track again … 

Cathy Dowden, Owner, Miller & Keane

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